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Introducing Google Blyat

Introducing Google Blyat

Uploader: Scorpo

Size: 2.66 MB

Duration: 1:56

Date: November 03, 2017

communism will spread soon

.Open for more info


πŸ”₯ Some Socialism πŸ”₯

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πŸ””Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!πŸ””

🎧 Hardbass Name 🎧

Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem

Actual translation.

0:09 β€” suppression fire!
0:10 β€” enemy comes from back of left flank!
0:20 β€” blyat!
0:22 β€” enemy comes from east!
0:24 β€” suppression fire!
0:26 β€” enemy comes from back of left flank!
0:33 β€” fire!
0:36 β€” medic!
0:39 β€” they’re coming from rear!
0:44 β€” I’m reloading!
0:45 β€” cover me!
0:48 β€” they’re coming from rear!
0:54 β€” enemy northeast!
0:55 β€” enemy northwest!
0:56 β€” enemy south!
0:58 β€” enemy attacks from southeast!
1:00 β€” detecten enemy on northwest!
1:01 β€” enemy target west!
1:02 β€” enemy forward!
1:04 β€” enemy left!
1:05 β€” I see target left!
1:07 β€” they attacking from left!
1:08 β€” enemy troopers forward!
1:09 β€” he runs away!
1:14 β€” and I’ll finish (kill) second one.
1:15 β€” don’t let survived run!
1:19 β€” calling for support to your position!
1:21 β€” I see the enemy!
1:22 β€” we (support) already coming, wait for us!
1:24 β€” I see the intruder, he has a weapon!
1:25 β€” suppression fire!
1:26 β€” destroy them!
1:27 β€” kill them ALL!
1:30 β€” Yes, sir!
1:31 β€” united forever in friendship and labour, our mighty republics will ever endure. The Great Soviet Union will live through the ages. The dream of a people their fortress secure.
1:40 β€” medic!
1:41 β€” we need medic!
1:43 β€” heck!


it's just a parody
( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)