Children’s concerts

Sutherland Trio has presented children’s concerts in partnership with Mini Maestros and the Melbourne Recital Centre in the “Classical Babes” series.  Concerts have included:  “Boogie to Bach”, “Move to Mozart”, “Bounce with Beethoven” and “Romantic Classical Babes” – all of which were designed for children in the 0-5 age range.

Sutherland Trio’s last series of children’s concerts was “Once Upon A Time…” presented at the George Jenkins Theatre in Frankston on September 2011.

Performed by the Sutherland Trio, it introduced the musical friendship between Queen Caroline, Princess Elizabeth and Lady Molly (she wanted to be a knight and wear pants) and their three instruments (piano, violin and cello), through fairy tales with music.

“Being a musician means my daughter has always been around music all her life and like all little girls, is into Castles, Princes and Princesses. It was this that sparked the idea of telling fairytale stories through classical music” says Almonte.

Let “Queen Caroline” “Princess Elizabeth” and “Lady Molly”, take your child to a fantasy land through the magic of classical music. Join Vicky the violin, Charlie the cello and Bertie the Bow from the String family as they meet Stephen Steinway and play musical excerpts form the great classical composers, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and introducing the Australian musical wizardry of Stuart Greenbaum’s tango.
The Sutherland Trio discussed and musically illustrated team work, sharing, taking turns, celebrating difference, discovering connections and having fun!

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